Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing. If you have other questions, please just send it to sales@npas.net.au.

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Pre Sale Questions

Yes,we can accept back orders.

The products sold on Naturesnaturals.com.au have expiry dates of between 6 months to 3 years to give you a suitable amount of time to use them. Unfortunately, we are unable to individually select items with a longer expiry.

No,there is no restrictions on how many units can be purchased.


We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. Please have your PayPal and credit cards handy to complete your order.

If there is a problem with your nominated payment method and payment cannot be processed, we will email you alerting you of the problem. If payment cannot be processed the next day your order will be automatically paused. We recommend that you get in touch with your bank to find out more details about the failed transaction. If you wish to add or select a different payment method, please login to your account and update your payment details as necessary. We will process your order in accordance with our Terms of Purchase and we will email you when your order has been processed and the goods are ready to be shipped to you.

You need to get in touch with PayPal to get access to your account and banking details. Please visit https://www.paypal.com/selfhelp/home if you need assistance with your PayPal login details, otherwise you can continue with your purchase using your credit or debit card.

Shipping and returns

All orders are managed by Australia Post. Successful orders will be shipped within one or two business days (Monday-Friday) as long as there are no issues. Once your order has been collected from our warehouse, you will receive an email from Australia Post confirming that the order is on its way and will provide you with the tracking number. You can use this number to track your order on the Australia Post website https://m.auspost.com.au/view/tracking.

It’s very important that you keep handy the 6 digit order number you are provided with upon successfully placing an online order. You would also have received this order confirmation number via email. If you are in Australia please go to https://m.auspost.com.au/view/tracking to track your order. If you are located overseas please search for your local postal authority. You will receive an email when your order is received and processing has started. You will receive a separate email from Australia Post when your order has been collected from our warehouse. This email will contain a link where you can track your parcel online. Once your order is in the hands of Australia post, they are best placed to assist you with any tracking related queries.

Every effort is made to ensure orders are shipped within 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday) and if you are based in Australia your order can take between 3-7 business days to arrive; sometimes it is faster and on occasion a bit longer depending on your final destination.

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